If you are a South Florida resident, you are undoubtedly familiar with its hot Summer months. The heat and humidity make it very uncomfortable. This is not limited to outside activities. Air conditioning is a MUST. The lack of a properly functioning air conditioning system in your home can have several undesired consequences. These include but are not limited to, mold, increased allergy and asthma symptoms, poor overall health and high energy bills.


Whether you own a small business or large company, the comfort of your employees and your customers are no doubt a priority. A comfortable working environment is essential to a business’ success in terms of meeting health/safety requirements and ensuring that your employees work at their full potential.


We offer a complete refrigeration service. We are experts in the installation of Commercial & industrial refrigeration equipment for process plants, freezer rooms, cold rooms, blast freezers, blast chillers, display cabinets, ice machines and production rooms.
We provide superior service & Installation of refrigeration equipment with our highly trained technicians all across South Florida. Call us today to find out how we can help with your refrigeration needs. Whether you need a new cold room in your restaurant, or need a system designed for your ice cream parlour or wine seller, choose Hvac Masters FL for superior service. We also specialize in industrial refrigeration.


It is important to have regular periodic maintenance service done to your air conditioning system so that it will function at its maximum capacity. Maintenance includes coil cleanings which reduce dust and mold that grows over time. The lack of proper maintenance will cost you because the air conditioning unit will need to work harder to accomplish the desired level of coolness. If you have seen your energy bills gradually increase, you may not realize the reason behind it. Your system is inhaling your hard-earned money. Our maintenance plans are aimed to save you money by reducing the frequency of breakdowns and increasing your air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Another valuable result is that your equipment will be functioning to its fullest potential for the longest time possible. Call us. We will be happy to discuss our affordable maintenance plans.


Faulty or broken air conditioning systems will require immediate attention for obvious reasons. Depending on the problem, you could be forced to deal with uncomfortable temperatures and high levels of humidity inside your home. This can have a direct effect on your family. It can cause you to miss work, become irritable, or even feel sick. One of our highly skilled, trained professionals is standing by ready to diagnose your system and give you a fair, honest estimate.


Once your system has reached its maximum life duration and/or numerous repairs have been made, you may be faced with the tough decision to either replace your system or continue to repair it going forward. We can help you do a cost-benefit analysis and give you sound professional advice. An additional service we provide following the installation of your new system is that we recover the refrigerant from the old system and dispose it by delivering it to a recycling center.

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